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Ø1.1/2" Parallelogram End Mill

WSAN-1 1/2-RH

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End Mill: Parallelogram Inserts

High-Velocity cutters with ceramic or carbide inserts for use in high-temp alloys, hard metals, cast irons at high speeds and accelerated feed rates. Precision nests provide multiple insert configurations and body protection.


Part Number : WSAN-1-1/2
Gage Insert : ACHN-3422

Tool Orientation
Right Hand

Dimensions (Inches)
Cutter Diameter (A) : 1.465
Shank Diameter (B) : 1.000
Length (C) : 4.000

Weldon Shank Size (D) : 7.000
Number of Inserts : 3

Standard Components
Anvil : AAP-3224R
Anvil Screw : FHCS 4-40 X 1/2
Clamp : 410756
Clamp Screw : TBHCS 8/32 X9/32

* Tune-Up Kit
Includes All Standard Components : TK-00643

Optional Components
Max 1/2 Inch DOC Insert : ACHN-3222
Filler : 3972-R

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