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Super Precision Short Keyless Drill Chuck DIN69871 ISO Ansi SH ID40


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NPU - Super Precision Short Keyless Drill Chuck with Intergrated Shank
    • For use on CNC machining centres.
    • Single taper connection between drill chuck and shank eliminates intermediate arbors to ensure high tool rigidity and drilling accurary.
    • Furnished with milled wrench flats and spanner wrench to allow application of supplementary gripping torque.
    • Resistance to tool loosening on high-speed machines with instant spindle stop.
    • Maximum total integrated run-out of 0.04mm
Stains on Tool are Manufacturer’s Grease which have not been removed, so as to preserve the item.
Model  Capacity Mount Sizes mm. Thread Weight
no. mm inches ISO Dia L1 L2 p.stud kg
NPU-08 ID 40 0.3 - 8 1/64" - 5/16" 40 38 70 76 M16 1.5

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