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Eureka Tools has been a reliable and trusted partner for Machine Tools and Accessories since 1978. We are the preferred partner of Leading Brands and we work closely with them on the latest Technologies available in the Market, New Product offerings as well as the latest trends in this field.

Eureka Tools invests in acquiring new knowledge with brand owners through various marketing activities that include overseas workshops and discussions.

Below are some of the list of Brands that are strategic partners of Eureka Tools.


F.P. Officina Meccanica, was founded in 1998 based on Mr. Paolo Franchini’s 18 years of experience in the mechanics industry. For many years, the company carried out slotting and broaching activities for third-parties, working in the hydraulic, automotive, biomedical, speed reducer, gear construction and earth moving machinery industries etc.


Products are used for large volume manufacturing and facilitate complete processing without multiple clamping of complex work pieces.

schunk clamp

With 11,000 standard components SCHUNK offers the world’s largest assortment of gripping systems and clamping technology from one source, and with 2,550 SCHUNK grippers the largest product range of standard grippers.


The strengths of each company were combined to create a single platform, providing customers with access to a wide range of high quality, fit-for-purpose products including hole-making, milling, turning and threading tools.


Due to the unique stepless horizontal and vertical adjustability, Lenzkes clamps are commonly used on machines for Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Rubber Molding, Stamping, Punching, Grinding, Die Casting, Ceramic Molding, Gear Cutting, Drilling, CNC Milling, and Machining.

amec image

In order to provide customers with a competitive advantage, Allied Machine continues to expand the range of products and services. Ready to find new ways to make and finish holes, and adding new product lines to  help provide a more dynamic offering. Here are the additional brands Allied is proud to offer to the world.


From drawer cabinets to rollboys, from workbenches to assembly stations, from computer cabinets to NC systems – Thur Metall can furnish entire workspaces in workshops and commercial premises.

ecoroll tools

In close cooperation with customers, demand-oriented tools and machines for burnishing and deep rolling as well as processing cylinders are designed, manufactured and marketed throughout the world.


Proud of the innovation work in the tapping and ergonomic sectors which were contributed with simple and economical solutions leading to an optimum productivity and in short, to higher profits for the users of the product.


Experience highly efficient and economical precision boring in every dimension: Innovative tool solutions that are individually adapted to suit diverse, complex requirements and changing tasks. For the increasingly demanding machining requirements of many industries. Customized for you by the world leader in digital boring tools.


Everything from part design to material selection are to assure the high quality you have come to expect from Loc-Line®. From the original applications in the machine tool industry to Vacuum, Third Arm/Handicap Assists, Agricultural, Camera/Light Mounts, Aquarium and Green House uses.


A leading developer of cutting tool technology, specializing in the manufacturing of high-performance tungsten carbide and ceramic inserts as well as innovative toolholding systems.


With more than 25 years of experience, the microtap GmbH is specialized in process-safe and quality-controlled threading.


Llambrich’s name stands for creative and innovative design worldwide, and are proud to hold ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certifications. The recognized quality and bottom line of products has allowed to export the products for more than 55 years to countries worldwide. 


The company produces BRT gun drills in different versions, single flute, twin flute, and since 2010 also helical drilling tools. The portfolio is rounded off with accessories for gun drills such as sealing housings, whip guide bushes, and drill bushes and offers a full repair service for worn and broken drill heads.


Electro Arc has been building the world’s best metal disintegrators for tap and drill removal since 1947. In fact it has been developed the original AC patented process and have been improving it ever since.


Since 1993, Unist has offered precision lubrication application systems for the metal forming industry. The Unist product line is built around the concept of applying lubrication in a precise manner resulting in fluid usage reduction, the elimination of unsightly, dangerous fluid mess, and increased efficiency due to an even and consistent application of fluid.


TDEG offers high-precision, made-to-measure solutions. Basically, it design and manufacture large-diameter manual and automatic lathe chucks, and make them smart.


Scandinavian Tool Systems is a Swedish based manufacturer and supplier of tools for thread turning, thread milling, parting and grooving.


Specialized in the production of accessories for high precision mechanical tooling: live centres, dead centres, live centres with special shaft for wood turning, front driving systems and drivers for pipes, thread cutting and tapping machines, grinding wheel dressers, knurling devices and special devices upon customer’s drawing.


As one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance metal cutting circular saw blades, it deliver products to world-wide customer base on time and always with the same proven quality. Manufacturing customized solutions to further optimize the manufacturing processes of the clients.


The large range of cutters and tools of Polledri’s trademark is able to satisfy the most sophisticated request of working. The advantages are considerable in final results and costs reduction, guaranteed at anyone who use it.


The invention of Poliangolar revolutionized the broaching system and it was immediately appreciated in the precision engineering industry. Poliangolar Srl produces and sells a wide range of toolholders and cutting tools as well as the Polikey device suitable for the production of keyways and slots.


A premier leader in manufacturing the highest quality Plug Gages and Ring Gages, Dimensional Metrology Equipment and Instruments for the Oil and Gas Industry.


Develops and manufactures clamping technology with unique expertise and great experience for a variety of applications. It guarantees robustness, precision and an excellent price-performance ratio in industrial applications by providing comprehensive know-how and consulting competence, in-house development and high manufacturing depth.


Further development of the Centre-Grinding-Machine: Quantum leap in the accuracy, also with extremely thin-walled parts by means of the high sensitive vice.


Granlund offers a wide range of high-quality, carbide and HSS cutting tools, such as counterbores, countersinks, tools with indexable inserts and reamers.


EZset tool presetters enable you to save time and money, putting you one very decisive step ahead of the competition. Your tools are set and measured while your machine is producing chips – without any downtime.


Accu Trak specializes in the manufacturing of standard and special knurling wheels and holders. Strive to produce a premium product made from high grade tool and high speed steels.


The experience that had earned in the last 70 years in the market allows to offer a well thought out range of products for machine tools that is up to date and meets the needs of our clients. All the products are the results of the application of experience, design and technology.


BISON-BIAL is renowned for manufacturing high quality lathe chucks to meet the highest requirements of the customers. Chucks are made from high quality forged steel or cast iron. Hardened and ground work surfaces of the interacting parts provide the chucks with superior strength and extended lifetime.


A German manufacturer of reamers, countersinks and special tools since more than 75 years. First class quality can be furnished in HSS, HSS/E, carbide-tipped, solid carbide, CERMET, PCD, and PCB.


The large range of cutting tools for industrial processes in the field of Drilling, Threading, Reaming and Milling, either as standard or according to customer’s specification, are made of Solid Carbide, Carbide tipped, HSS, HSS-E, HSS-Co-PM, Cermets or PCB with an option to almost all hard coatings according to the latest technology.


Latest CNC machines granting high precision and reliability enable CERIN to manufacture tools meeting all customers’ requirements.


Dieterle offer you an extraordinarily extensive range of standard and special tools for turning, milling and drilling operations. Whether you are looking for standard solutions off the shelf or individually developed custom solutions for machining your workpieces, it deliver you the optimal tools from a single source.

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