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After years of being frustrated by the existing coolant hose products on the market; all of which suffered from a variety of shortcomings, Arnold Lockwood conceived the idea for the modular hose that became Loc-Line®. These shortcomings included, metal coolant hoses that would not stay where they were positioned and plastic hoses with metal positioning rods that broke.

In 1981 Lockwood Products was formed to develop and distribute Loc-Line®. The first products were shipped in August of 1983.

Loc-Line® quickly became the standard for coolant delivery around the world and was easily recognized by our Blue and Orange colors.

Today Loc-Line® is still the leader in modular hose and continues to innovate in the modular hose field. Loc-Line® is used not only as a coolant hose but for air delivery, smoke and dust removal vacuum systems, agriculture,  third arm uses including positioning cameras, lights and items for handicap assist.

Lockwood Products originated the modular hose concept and remains the standard for the industry.



Loc-Line Ball Adapter Sizes

Connect our 1/4″ system directly to your machines with spherical coolant ports. The (10mm), (12mm), (14mm), (15mm) X 1/4″ Loc-Line Ball adapters allow Loc-Line© hose to be attached to the ball end of the adapter. The (12mm), (14mm), (15mm) X 1/8″ NPT ball adapters allows our 1/8″ NPT to be threaded into the ball. Simply remove the screw retaining the original spherical nozzles and replace it with our new ball adapter. These adapters are made from brass to insure long life and smooth operation.


Loc-Line® ProStream Nozzles

Introducing our new Loc-Line® ProStream Nozzles. These nozzles feature extremely durable Heat Treated Stainless Steel Tips.

Due to the unique design of these nozzles they provide an unsurpassed coolant stream which is consistently accurate providing exceptional coolant to the cutting zone cycle after cycle!

They are available in four diameters .062″, .086in, .117″, .160″ and two lengths .500″, 1.250″ to suit any application Air or Liquid.

They are compatible with our 1/4″ system including our elements clamps for increased working pressures.


Featured Products

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