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TECNOSPIRO MACHINE TOOL S.L., was founded in 1987 manufacturing the first tapping arm as a way to satisfy the own production needs for one of the Spiroide Group Companies (1947), which Tecnospiro belongs.

It was not our purpose at the time to become manufacturers of this type of machines, but in view of the proliferation of several trademarks in the market, all of them of conventional design, we finally decided to develop a new machine already with our ROSCAMAT® registered brand name and with a definitive view to cover the market’s needs.

In 2009 inside the worst industrial economic recession in the world and thanks to our knowledge and experience of articulated arms we were able to develop and launch a new concept of ergonomic balancer arm 3ARM®. The weightlessness and the skill to absorb a considerable tool torque reaction depending on the head member and the option to lock the arm in any position and movement permits to prevent the operator tiredness and injuries, giving him a high work sensitivity and increasing the productivity.

After 26 years in the market and covering the five continents and more than 45 countries, we are proud to be reference in the market and motivated to have more than 18.000 equipments working successfully.

Located closer to Barcelona, we are occupying a plant area of 4,5000 sq.mtrs. with a staff of 65 employees, at level of industrial group.

Our machines fulfil the European safety standards EN 292-1 and EN 292-2, as per the directive 89/392 and EN 60204-1 according do directive 89/336/CEE.

Our constant research work within the field of mechanics has allowed us to design the product which is being hereinafter presented together with its genesis and development.



Quality & Dependability

  • Heavy duty cast aluminum construction
  • More than 25 years experience designing, manufacturing and servicing tapping arms
  • Adjustable balance for easy maneuverability

Light & Versatile

  • Light weight and compact size allow for easy set up and relocation
  • Reaming, countersinking, fastening, Helicoil® insertion & small diameter drilling

Practical & Simple

  • Uses standard Bilz®-Style quick change tap adapters
  • Utilize interchangeable speed modules to get the right torque and RPM for the job
  • Wide range of models and options allow you to precisely choose the perfect arm for your application

Reliable & Safe

  • One year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Robust materials & construction exceed design standards providing a lifetime of use

Precisely Engineered Motors

  • Roscamat®USA motors are designed, engineered, and built for tapping
  • High frequency, low noise electric motor uses 10x less energy than pneumatic

Tapping Made Easy



  • Take the Guess Work Out of the Process: With Roscamat®USA tapping arms the operator can bring the tap to the work which is 3-4 times more efficient than bringing the work piece to a fixed spindle.
  • More Efficient Tapping: By utilizing quick change modules and tap adapters the proper speed and torque can be achieved for different tap sizes to improve efficiency and productivity.


  • Less Than a Quarter Turn on a No-Go Gage: Due to the rigidity and precise movement of the Roscamat®USA tapping arm, tapped holes are very high quality and typically gage with a smooth insertion of the go gage and little if any entry of the no-go gage.


  • Reduce or Eliminate Tap Breakage: Using quick change torque control tap adapters, the clutch in the adapter ratchets when the tap hits the bottom of the hole, encounters an interference in the hole or when the tap dulls. This prevents tap breakage and allows for the tap to be quickly replaced if needed.
  • Maximize Manpower: By placing a Roscamat®USA tapping arm next to your machining center, a significant improvement in productivity can be achieved. While the machining center is drilling holes in the next part the operator can be tapping the holes in the previous part. Typically, tapping is the slowest and last operation on a machining center.


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