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Emuge Punch Tap Technology


The Emuge Punch Tap – technology, also called helical cold-forming of threads, constitutes the fourth method for the production of internal threads besides tapping, cold-forming of threads and thread milling. This patented method was developed in cooperation between Audi AG and EMUGE-FRANKEN and presented for the first time to the public in 2014.

Thanks to entirely new kinematics with a significantly shorter tool path, the Punch Tap allows for time savings of up to 75% compared to conventional cold-forming of taps.

To enable this movement path, the tool does not have a continuous thread profile on the circumference, but features two rows of flutes. These flutes are off-set by 180° and extend in a helical curve all the way down to the usable application depth.

Tapping Chucks For The Automative Industry

EMUGE-FRANKEN get the honor to help a big actor in the automotive business to optimize their thread applications, this with the supply of EMUGE´s tappingchucks Speedsyncro. The threading is often the weakest part in the cutting process, depending on the long cycle time this have in the process. With EMUGE´s Speedsyncro have this application been cut down with 40% and saves a lot in capacity and money.
Depending on the transmission gearing in the Speedsyncro tapping attachment is this possible to achieve with retained quality on threads and as high toollife on the tap.
The Speedmaster is easy to install and is available with all kind of shanks.

Tool holder with adjustable projection length

Tool holder with adjustable projection length

Thanks to its adjustable projection length, the EMUGE Softsynchro® Xtension tap holder is aimed at the production of low lying threads in components/applications. The user benefits from an increased flexibility without compromising rigidity.
A recurring problem when machining low lying threads in components are that they are interfering with the contours of the tool holder. Threaded tools with an extended shank or tool extensions offer a remedy, but require compromises in tool application or rigidity. The EMUGE Softsynchro® Xtension combines the high rigidity of a tool holder with a longer projection length with a minimal interfering contour. Its projecting length can be in only one step adjusted from 210 mm to 260 mm and thus individually adapted to the machining process. The use of threaded tools with a standard length is possible thanks to the longer projecting length, which in turn leads to fewer tool changes, reduced set-up times and an improved tool life.

In addition, the tried and tested Softsynchro® minimum length compensation is integrated in the tool holder, which transfers the torque separately from the undesired axial force, thereby optimally compensating for axial errors during thread production.

The tap holder combined with the ER 16 GB collet enables the use of threaded tools from M4 to M12. It can be operated with internal cooling up to 50 bar and is available for all common machine connections.

Balancing machine to Denmark

EMUGE-FRANKEN have sold a balancing machine type ‘Tooldynamic TD preset’ from Haimer to Terma A/S in Denmark. The machine will be delivered in the beginning of December.

Terma A/S is a big subcontractor to the aerostructure industry and have high demands for precision and quality on their cutting tool suppliers. We at EMUGE-FRANKEN are happy to be one of Termas supplier of cutting tools and now also for balancing equipment.


EMUGE-FRANKEN is a company association which has been offering top technologies in the field of thread cutting, gauging, clamping and milling for more than 90 years. Our customers come from a wide range of industry branches, including the automotive industry, the power generation and aircraft industry, machine building and plant construction. 50% of our products are exported into the whole world.

More than 1,200 employees working at Lauf and Rückersdorf, and another 600 co-workers worldwide, are responsible for our comprehensive service offer. All our activities are aimed at optimizing our production processes, in order to find solutions which save our customers time and money.




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