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Mini Compartment Cabinet 

As of now, the extensive range of battery cabinets offered by Thur Metal AG will be complemented by the MINI compartment cabinet, a laptop cabinet with electrical convenience functions.

According to the long-standing Swiss workplace equipment supplier from Erlen, this versatile piece of furniture is equipped with 10 compartments that can be locked individually. Its special feature: Each individual compartment has a power module with a socket.

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New Main Catalogue

Pleased to be able to present the new Thur Metall main catalogue.

In addition to the well-known range, Thurmetall are also introducing many new and innovative products over approximately 120 pages. This highlights once again the outstanding innovative power of the Thur Metall brand.

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E-Bike Charging Station

They are trendy, produce no waste gases and are now a real bestseller. Over 600,000 e-bikes were sold in Germany in the past year alone.

Lots of companies are using special mobility concepts to incentivise their employees to switch to an e-bike. This is because personal motor transport doesn’t just lead to congested roads, it also means that cost-intensive parking spaces need to be made available.

In contrast, an e-bike requires hardly any space, but has a rechargeable battery which needs to be charged. “With the e-bike charging station, the switch to e-mobility is now becoming even more attractive,” explains Thur Metall sales manager Peter Kretz. Ultimately, as well as enabling individuals to lock away any valuables and other objects, the smart cabinet allows fast, convenient charging of rechargeable e-bike batteries and other battery-powered devices, which are ubiquitous nowadays.

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From drawer cabinets to rollboys, from workbenches to assembly stations, from computer cabinets to NC systems – Thur Metall can furnish entire workspaces in workshops and commercial premises. Ongoing quality control and a highly motivated team of employees guarantee durability in timeless design at an impressive price/performance ratio. Stability, durability and a functional design are the result of decades of experience and innovation.

Thur Metall drawer cabinets, made from high-quality sheet steel, and matching workbenches are favourites for industry and commerce. Whether in a production hall or workshop, research laboratory, museum, hospital, small-parts storage area or in a showroom: Thur Metall shines where tools, stored goods and small parts need to be stored safely, compactly and systematically while remaining close at hand..

We guarantee high wear resistance by using the latest powder coating technology. Fifteen standard colours are also available in two-colour combinations at no extra cost. Custom colour schemes give employees a positive impression towards the workplace and your company.


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