ECOROLL Deep Rolling RH, RHA Tools For Cylindrical Surfaces (Plunging Method )

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ECOROLL Deep Rolling RH, RHA Tools For Cylindrical Surfaces (Plunging Method )

ECOROLL Deep Rolling RH, RHA Tools For Cylindrical Surfaces (Plunging Method )

Product Code: For Cylindrical Surfaces (plunging method )
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Deep rolling induces residual compressive stresses in the boundary layers At the same time through plastically shaping, the fatigue strength is increased and the surface smoothened. With certain limitations, residual stresses as well as dislocation densities are able to be specifically controlled through the process parameters and design of tool. For this reason deep rolling represents an efficient process for increasing the strength of highly stressed components.

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ECOROLL deep rolling tools improve components for the following industries:

  • Engineering.
  • Chemical industry / oil industry (stress corrosion).
  • Energy industry (turbines, wind power stations, combustion engines)
  • Aeronautics.
  • Road and rail vehicle construction.

In addition, deep rolling tools machine internal and external concave fillets, contours and thread root radii.

  • For use on CNC turning, drilling, milling machines and machining centers, or on conventional machine tools.
  • Short primary processing times, machining in one chucking
  • Reliable method
  • Great precision
  • RH: Internal machining.
  • RHA: External machining.
  • For use on conventional or CNC lathe
  • Complete machining with one chucking
  • Can be used as right or left-handed tool
  • Both directions of rotation possible
  • Even distribution of force independent of manufacturing tolerances
  • Constant rolling pressure (compensation for positioning errors and manufacturing tolerances)
  • Reliable method; great precision
  • Short machining times
  • Low energy consumption
  • No set-up time, only tool changing
  • No transportation costs
  • shorter order-processing cycle
  • Lower capital commitment
  • Four different sizes available (S1 to S4)
  • Standard shank: Morse taper or cylindrical shank, however all alternative clamping systems can be accommodated

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